Commercial Support

Commercial input early in the technology development process is essential to determine the disease states, indications, or medical procedures that are commercially viable. The design of a competitive product profile guides both early and late stage development. While understanding the market opportunity and value proposition a technology offers is key to attracting funding or finding a strategic partner. Investing millions of dollars on clinical trials can be devastating if the true commercial potential of an asset in development is not understood early in the process.

Consequently, it is essential to understand the hurdles and validate the attractiveness of a product profile with future key target audiences early in development to increase the probability of success. In today’s capital elusive markets, investors are demanding commercial validation of a technology before any investments are made. After the collapse of the financial markets in 2008, many small companies were left with assets that had limited – perceived or real – commercial value to the ultimate buyer, a large company. Failure to identify early on the optimal product profile to support the pre-clinical and clinical strategies results in costly patchwork later on.

With globalization, including increased focus on developing markets, changing demographics, and rapid scientific advances, life science products need commercial and product strategies at all lifecycle stages, especially at the early stages of development. We have deep expertise in all core areas of the commercialization pathway, including new product planning, strategic marketing, franchise and portfolio planning, market opportunity and commercial assessments, market research, brand planning, pre-launch and launch strategy, tactical marketing and sales planning, interaction with Key Opinion Leaders, core message development, and customer segmentation and targeting. We are data driven and can provide the revenue and expense forecasting needed for your overall business planning. In addition, we provide due diligence, as well as fund-raising preparation for both non-dilutive and dilutive opportunities.