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The concept of integrated drug development and commercialization has been successfully applied by large biopharmaceutical and medical device companies for decades. A number of experts in various fields working together are needed for the development of the optimal product candidate. Stronger collaboration amongst these core competencies will result in: higher product quality, more time and cost efficient product development processes, and an increased probability of development and commercial success. Unfortunately, this team concept is prohibitively expensive for small companies who are forced to bring in individual consultants as the needs arise. This approach typically leads to disjointed tasks not aligned with the product strategy, or worse yet, a development strategy that does not take into account all of the phase appropriate considerations of the key competencies.

Atheln’s business model enables small companies the opportunity to implement a COST-EFFICIENT drug development and commercialization team approach using highly experienced and senior life science experts. Atheln customizes its approach to the specific needs of each client. This may range from a project focusing on one core competency, to multiple core competencies needed for a task, to the need for a development and commercialization team.

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