Commercial/Product Strategy & Plans

Atheln’s experts have extensive hands-on industry experience developing business and commercial strategies and plans

A company’s business/commercial strategy is critical for its positioning and attractiveness with key stakeholders such as investors (non-dilutive and dilutive), board members/advisors, and potential strategic partners. It also provides a framework for development and fundraising strategies. Integrated phase appropriate plans should be developed in parallel with early-stage development activities e.g. PIND.

Just as important is the creation of a product strategy including a Target Product Profile (TPP). Early commercial input and insights drives market-orientated product development during pre-clinical and early clinical stages. A commercially appealing TPP guides development strategies and plans and will evolve over time as additional nonclinical, clinical and CMC data becomes available. As this data is generated, a TPP enables critical go/no decisions on the potential of a product. Through primary market research, a product’s market opportunity can be evaluated with feedback on the TPP from relevant stakeholders.

Atheln’s experts bring extensive hands-on industry experience in developing comprehensive business, commercial, and product strategies throughout the entire product life cycle, from early- to late-stage development, pre- and post-launch, to life cycle management (LCM). Their scientific acumen and industry experience enable a deep understanding of complex technologies, therapeutic areas, and development stages. When creating or enhancing business/commercial or product strategies, Atheln experts focus on understanding and addressing current and future market dynamics and the competitive pipeline, identifying potential opportunities and barriers, and drivers of adoption. Their experience interacting with investors and strategic partners enables them to understand what these key stakeholders value. Through this, they develop integrated cross-functional business/commercial and product strategies and plans which go hand in hand with a company’s development strategy and plans.

Atheln’s Commercial/Product Strategy and Plans services include:

  • Developing or enhancing a company’s early- or late-stage business strategy and plans
  • Assessing portfolios of multiple assets or potential therapeutic applications to determine prioritization of assets and/or initial or follow-on indications to pursue
  • Providing advice on a company’s go-to-market strategy and plans
  • Creating phase appropriate commercial roadmaps
  • Conducting a gap analysis to determine phase appropriate new product planning activities such as secondary and primary research to understand market dynamics and opportunities, prescriber and payer requirements for adoption
  • Supporting the preparation of investor materials for fundraising including Executive Summaries, pitch decks, structuring of data rooms, due diligence, Q&A’s, C-suite presentation of investor pitches
  • Developing or refining the product strategy incorporating and integrating market drivers and barriers; current and pipeline competitive landscape; prescriber, payer and patient requirements
  • Creating or enhancing Target Product Profiles (TPPs) which address patient, prescriber/healthcare provider, and payer needs
  • Developing a product’s value proposition and positioning
  • Integrating market and commercial considerations into product and clinical development plans
  • Identifying and managing Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)