Project Management

Atheln's project managers have extensive experience in managing highly complex development programs

The management of all the interconnected activities required to develop a pharmaceutical product is a daunting task. For this reason, a clear understanding of an integrated development plan is critical from the very beginning. This includes the identification of risks and their potential impact to timelines and budgets.

Atheln Project Managers (PMs) are experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. They can effectively communicate with the various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) translating their individual plans and activities into an integrated gantt plan. They are also proficient in identifying the critical pathways and interrelationships within and across disciplines to ensure risk mitigation strategies can be developed and timeline coordination is flawless.

Atheln Project Managers play a major role in facilitating all lines of communication for managing projects successfully. 

Atheln’s PM services include:

  • Capturing activities in individual development areas into an integrated Gantt chart
  • Establishing worst- and best-case scenario timelines
  • Identifying management risks and providing recommendations to mitigate them
  • Creating an inter-disciplinary collaboration among disciplines
  • Producing meeting minutes to ensure team alignment
  • Maintaining and updating the action items list
  • Communicating with all stakeholders to ensure actions are followed
  • Tracking budgets
  • Maintaining the information flow to the company when any changes occur
  • Providing Alliance Management support as needed